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This is my previous Unimog 416 before and during disassembly

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This is the Unimog 416 during reassembly.

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Here's what was done to the "Silver Streak" Unimog:

Overhauling and basic repairing of vehicle, installing a new 8-speed gearbox, new clutch, engine modifications for 130hp and a fast throttle response, cleaning, welding and painting cab, sandblasting and painting the frame, installing rollover cage in cab with separate rear cage including overhead winch cable pulley, 4-point seat belts, Werner F64 mechanical winch front mounted with pneumatic activator, modified spider frame from 406 or 416 with spare tire holder and rear winch mount, WARN hydraulic winch (about 4.5 tons) on the rear behind the cab, counterweight on the rear with batteries stored inside, lightweight platform custom made with boxes (for example Zarges aluminum boxes), Bilstein seats, new Michelin XM 47 tires and one spare tire XM 47 new, new Injection nozzles with 5 holes (standard is four) for 135hp, viscous fan drive for deep water fording, high performance dry air filter, front diff lock on separate pneumatic activator, new special springs calculated for vehicle weight, new shock absorbers with special heavy duty damping rates, original windscreen frame with tubular limbrisers that are removable, all fenders made from rubber, additional lighting for night driving, modified front bumper with lighting protection, yellow top optima batteries (deep cycle), exhaust modification, inclinometer, Hella rally cockpit lamp for Co-driver, elastic netting on rear wall of cab for storage of small items, four 12V power plugs (cigarette lighter type), steering knob, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, rollover cage padding where necessary and a bikini top.

The cab color is Mercedes-Benz metallic silver.

Introducing the "Silver Streak"!

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In Germany, they called this one the BIGFOOT! 






This Unimog started life as an ex-German Army U 1300 L and was custom built for Svverirr Olafsson of Iceland.

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